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As promised, I am keeping track of my travel expenses and breaking them down for you. These were my total expenses for my trip to Bali. It includes airline tickets from Knoxville, TN to Bali, Indonesia, with an overnight stopover and transit hotel in Singapore.

So, without further ado, here is the total cost breakdown of my trip to Bali from October 27 through November 17, 2016.



I flew from Knoxville, TN to Las Vegas on Allegiant Air for $149. Vegas to San Francisco on Virgin America was $56.10, and Singapore Airlines from San Francisco to Bali, with stopovers in Hong Kong and Singapore was $462.24. Airline tickets were nearly 42% of my total cost of the trip.

One of the things to keep in mind if you are traveling for an extended period of time to different parts of the world is your first ticket will likely be the most expensive. I can travel around Asia for months for airline tickets starting around $50. Another thing to consider is on major airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, Delta, etc., one way tickets are typically more expensive. To fly roundtrip would have cost me $950.52 at the time of booking – a difference of $283.18 in the one way price.

Total cost of air: $667.34

Airport Expenses

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I purposely chose an extended layover in Singapore so I could get out of the airport and see the city. Changi Airport offers free tours for passengers in transit. You need at least a 6-hour layover to take advantage of one of the tours.

Changi is consistently rated one of the top airports in the world, and there is no shortage of things to do even if you choose to stay in the airport.  From a free movie theater to a pool, from butterfly and cactus gardens to the world’s tallest slide in an airport, you’ll have no trouble finding interesting ways to occupy your time while waiting for your flight. Need a shower? Changi’s got you covered with 24-hour paid lounges with shower facilities, nail care, foot reflexology, massage therapy and a gym.

There are three transit hotels in the Changi airport that rent rooms in 6 hour blocks. You can add additional hours for about $14 per hour. I rented a room at the Aerotel Hotel in terminal 1 for 7 hours.

Cost: $87.72

Because I couldn’t check into my transit hotel until the reserved time, I also took advantage of the shower facilities in the pay-per-use lounge.

Cost: $11.23

I have also included other miscellaneous expenses for all four airports I traveled through – food, drinks, etc.

Cost: $37.64

Total Airport Expenses: $136.59


Ahoy Green Room in Sanur
Ahoy Green Room in Sanur

I arrived in Bali on October 30, and stayed the first 7 nights in Ubud, then spent 10 nights in Sanur. I booked my rooms through AirBnB. When I arrived in Sanur, my accommodations did not live up to expectations, so I booked a different room and paid for 1 night plus AirBnB’s non-refundable service fee.

My number one requirement when booking a room is walkability. I want to be able to walk from my room to key areas or to areas where public transportation is readily available. Because I am a solo female traveler, I also need to be in an area where I feel safe. My accommodations in Ubud were in the center of town and I was easily able to walk to numerous areas. Same goes for my room in Sanur. It was in one of the better neighborhoods in Sanur and within 5 minutes walking distance to the main road and 10 minutes to the beach.

I admit that I have always been a bit of a travel snob. I enjoy the finer things for sure. I’ve had to adjust since my budget these days doesn’t allow me to be so picky, but I still want to be comfortable. I want 5-star accommodations with a 2-star price. Is that too much to ask? I know I will have bumps in the road and not every place is going to live up to my expectations. The difference just a few dollars more per night can make, as I discovered, is worth every penny. Being on a budget does not mean you have to be uncomfortable.

I should also mention that hostels are not an option for me at this point. Who knows down the road? While I realize more and more people my age are opting to go that route, I’m just not sure that’s for me. Also, keep in mind that I am traveling solo so that means I’m footing the bill for the accommodations myself. If you are traveling with another person, the room cost can be split in half. The average cost for my accommodations in Bali was $26.47 per night ($25.43 per night in Ubud, and $26.90 per night in Sanur).

Cost of room in Ubud 7 nights October 30 – November 6, including breakfast: $178

Cost of room in Sanur 10 nights November 7 – November 17: $269

One night accommodations plus AirBnB service fee in Sanur November 6: $55

Total Cost for Accommodations: $502


Coconut Curry Chicken from Melting Wok Warung in Ubud
Coconut Curry Chicken from Melting Wok Warung in Ubud

As many of you already know, I am a foodie. Food is as big a part of my travel experience as anything. Although friends have called this my “Eat, Pray, Love tour,” it is actually more of an “Eat, Eat, Eat tour,” although I’ve definitely been doing plenty of praying. You’ll never know what a true leap of faith this trip has been – until the book comes out 😉

Food in Bali ranges from very inexpensive local warungs (small family-owned businesses) to very expensive upscale gourmet restaurants. While my budget doesn’t allow upscale gourmet, I had some very delicious food in local warungs and somewhat pricier restaurants. I spent an average of $9.67 a day on food, which includes an occasional alcoholic beverage with my meals.

Total Food Cost: $212.85

 Tours and Entertainment

rice harvest in Bali
rice harvest in Bali

I did two tours while in Bali, a bicycle tour from Mount Batur, and a private tour with a driver to see Tanahlot temple, Uluwatu temple, Kuta Beach, Nusa Dua and Seminyak. Entertainment expenses include entrance fees to the temples.

While trying to take a photo in a rice paddy, I backed off the path and fell into the rice paddy. Fortunately my camera and phone were spared. My pride, not so much.

the rice paddy incident

It rained most of the day on my drive tour, but I still managed to get some decent photos.

Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple
the cliffs at Uluwatu temple
the cliffs at Uluwatu temple
Tanah Lot temple at dusk

Bicycle Tour: $26.25

Private Drive Tour: $45.00

Uluwata Temple Entrance Fee: $2.25

Tanah Lot Temple Entrance Fee: $4.50

Total: $78.00

I also bought lunch for my driver. The total for that meal was $17.50 for both of us and is included in my food cost.

Transport and Miscellaneous

The remainder of my expenses were for transportation to and from the airport and between hotels, miscellaneous items such as a cute dress I purchased, sunscreen, power adapter, drinks, etc., and laundry, which it turns out I way overpaid for, although I still thought it was cheap.

Transport from Airport to Ubud: $26.25

Transport from Ubud to Sanur: $18.75

Transport from Sanur to Airport: $11.25

Total Cost of Transport: $56.25

Laundry (Twice): $14.25

Shopping and Miscellaneous: $58.58

Total Miscellaneous: $72.83

Total Cost of Bali Trip: $1589.27




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  1. Awesome trip Wilde and you really broke it down and got away cheap! On Hostels, I’ve been staying in them since HS and these days am amazed that you can get a single room, full/queen bed in places like NYC and SF for $50/$60 and even cheaper in other areas. They’ve gone from being college age backpack hubs to all age hubs and sometimes even meeting lifelong friends. Congratulations on your adventure! Looking fwd to reading more. Thailand is such a wondrous place, enjoy it!

  2. This is amazing information! Bali has long been a bucket list item for me. You are the bravest woman I know!!!

  3. Love your posts and how you explain exactly how to do this oneself, if interested. You are an amazing, informative, descriptive and interesting writer.

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